In 2015, I published  a docker-compose stack I’d developed to automate media discovery and management with SABnzbd and related tools (Radarr, CouchPotato, etc).

I’ve just finished turning this stack into a recipe in my Geek’s Cookbook -  here’s the introduction:


Once the cutting edge of the “internet” (pre-world-wide-web and mosiac days), Usenet is now a murky, geeky alternative to torrents for file-sharing. However, it’s cool geeky, especially if you’re into having a fully automated media platform.

A good starter for the usenet scene is Reddit’s r/usenet. Because it’s so damn complicated, a host of automated tools exist to automate the process of finding, downloading, and managing content. The tools included in this recipe are as follows:

Autopirate Screenshot
  • SABnzbd : downloads data from usenet servers based on .nzb definitions
  • NZBHydra : acts as a “meta-indexer”, so that your downloading tools (radarr, sonarr, etc) only need to be setup for a single indexes. Also produces interesting stats on indexers, which helps when evaluating which indexers are performing well.
  • Sonarr : finds, downloads and manages TV shows
  • Radarr : finds, downloads and manages movies
  • Mylar : finds, downloads and manages comic books
  • Headphones : finds, downloads and manages music
  • Lazy Librarian : finds, downloads and manages ebooks
  • ombi : provides an interface to request additions to a plex library using the above tools
  • plexpy : provides interesting stats on your plex server’s usage

This recipe presents a method to combine these tools into a single swarm deployment, and make them available securely…

See the complete recipe here.

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